Since 2022 Citland Group joined Cim Holding to consolidate our expertise and offer a stronger range of expert products & services for projects.

About us

From Geosynthetics to Turnkey Success: Citland's 3-Decades Evolution

Citland started trading geosynthetics over 3 decades ago, then started US IAGI CWT certified installations to respond to our Client’s integrity needs, with now over 54 Million m2 certified and installed worldwide.

Following our procurement house tradition, we evolved to assets management and turnkey projects with a strong environmental commitment.

Now we are also active in :

  • Certified HDPE pipelines,
  • Dust control
  • Decarbonisation projects
  • Fish farms
  • Bio digestors
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemicals and agro industries
  • Hydroseeding

Creativity and innovation are the guiding values of our organization, by which we are encouraged to:

  • Nurture new opportunities for our clients by bringing tailor-made solutions to their door step.
  • Pursue new products and services from both established and emerging markets.
  • Provide practical and innovative solutions to problems and concerns that are experienced in the industry in general.
  • Be creative in our approach by offering first class solutions.
  • Actively pursue the growth of Citland International by ensuring the profitability of our clients.
  • Foster high ethics, fair trading practices, integrity, honesty, and a sincere appreciation for those who contribute to our success.

Clients and sectors

Global Mining and Industrial

Our diverse clientele ranges from global mining giants to local enterprises, trusting us for efficient and sustainable industrial solutions.

Our expertise spans diverse sectors, from precious metals and minerals to renewable energy resources. Clients trust us for innovative and sustainable mining solutions, ensuring their projects thrive.

Contact us

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