Our history

Global Mining and Industrials Solutions since 1989

Citland International has been providing an array of quality products and services to some of the world’s most remote and demanding mining and industrial projects for over thirty-five years.

Our expertise in supply chain management solutions ensures timely delivery of equipment and technical services to our clients who are located in fifty-threecountries across the globe. Our clients range from multinational conglomerates to numerous junior mines and all kind of industries.

Diverse Global Solutions: Tailored Mining and Industrial Excellence

We specialize in offering our clients a wide range of quality products and services that are sourced from traditional as well as new and emerging markets. Considering the uniqueness of each mining and industrial operation, our products are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client.

Our ability to source competitively on a global scale is managed by a network of offices and warehouses that we have strategically located in countries where procurement and consolidation brings about cost efficiencies for our clients.

Cost Optimization

Strategic Procurement Excellence for Optimal Operations

Cost and quality directly impact our success, and therefore is the driving force behind our in-depth understanding of procurement, sourcing, logistics, markets, and material cost.

We maintain our competitive edge by using our ability to pool resources from our large client base. Our customized procurement and supply systems, JIT (Just-In-Time manufacturing), onsite consignment, and manufacture buyback programs enable Citland to tailor our service offerings to meet the individual needs of each client.

Citland International

Tailored Solutions, Open Communication

Our commitment is to assist our clients in reducing excessive, surplus and obsolete inventories by working with our suppliers to provide time-managed deliveries.

Our standard operational procedures, which include visits to our clients operations, cultivate an environment of open communication thereby reducing costly mistakes often encountered in our industry. Furthermore, we have aligned warehouse facilities in three African locations in order to reduce the need for large inventory onsite and improve overall availability.

A diverse and multicultural staff reflects our customer base. Our visits to our clients' mine sites provide us with an in-depth understanding of their operations, equipment, machinery and processes. Most importantly, we know our clients' staff personally, which creates the basis for open communication.

Citland International

Safety and compliance are our top priority

We have a dedicated compliance team that ensures all our activities align with applicable standards and regulations. Our goal is to minimize any potential risks to our workers, the environment, and the local communities where we operate. 

Citland International

Single point of contact for our global network + e-mail: citland.team@citland.com